A project of the Network for Migration Matters in honour of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary


We must build a new world – a far better world – one in which the eternal dignity of man is respected.

Harry S. Truman

33rd President  of

the United States 

Quotes selected by Imogen Mellor

What is UN75 all about?


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Every couple of days we will publish articles written by experts. These articles will cover the topics of: the UN's history, climate displacement, the UN Restitution Mandate and Returnees, the UNODC and Human Trafficking, Soft Law and Quasi Judicial Mechanisms, and the Global Compact on Refugees.


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On 10 December 2020 NMM hosted the webinar:

The United Nations of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

We spoke with

Roland Schilling (Representative of UNHCR's Regional Representation for Central Europe)


Andreas Wissner (UNHCR’s Representative to the European Institutions in Strasbourg)

about their past and present experiences at UNHCR, as well as their views on the future.

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UN Photo Gallery

75 Years of the UN, 75 Photos, Countless Stories


Scroll through the timeline using the arrows or click the box below and use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Click on the bubble with the photos to see the photos more clearly. Almost all of the photos below belong to and were provided by the United Nations. Click here to find out more about the photos

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The United Nations Timeline 

On Migration and Forced Migration Matters

United Nations' COVID-19 Resources

related to migration and forced migration

We compiled a list of UN COVID-19 related resources that concern:

  • Migration and Forced Migration in General

  • Immigration detention

  • Children

  • Women

  • Trafficking of Human Beings

We believe these resources provide the opportunity to

explore and carefully study practices related to migration and forced migration that were implemented during COVID-19. They also provide the possibility for one to reconsider old practices and reflect on new priorities for projects concerning migration.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

and the 

Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration

Find out what action the United Nations and States pledged to take in order to address migration and forced migration in the coming decades.




Do you think migration is just a topic of the past and present?

Do you think migrants rights are being respected?

What do you think the UN needs to continue to do or needs to improve on, in order to be better prepared to deal with migration and forced migration now and in the future?

Do you have any solutions/ideas?

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We will proceed to collect everyone's views and opinions to then send them to the United Nations. In January, we will publish an article that summarises the information we have received from all of you!