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Women and Children in Migration and Forced Migration

As of mid 2020, more than 80 million people worldwide had been forced to migrate. By the end of 2019, it was estimated that children made up between 38-43% of the world’s displaced population. As in all aspects of life, gender disparities and age differences create additional challenges. For this reason, we chose to create this spotlight series which is divided into two sections; the first part will focus on the challenges that women face in migration and the second part will look into the implications of being a child refugee.


The series was launched on International Women’s Day in 2021, showcasing female activists and their role models. Watch the video below to learn more about the incredible work of Waad Al-Kateab, Marjane Satrapi and Celine Semaan. The topic of gender disparities within migration will also be explored through blog posts written by academics, professionals who work in the field of migration and many more experts. These posts will be published on this spotlight series page on a weekly basis. In time a webinar will be organised with two key speakers who will delve into the lives of women in a refugee camp.


The second half of the series will look at the ramifications of being a child refugee through blog posts and a potential webinar. 


Ultimately, the goal of this spotlight series on “Women and Children in Migration and Forced Migration” is to raise awareness of the difficulties that these marginalised groups face in migration and amplify the voices of refugee women and children. The educational content provided through the form of videos, blog posts and webinars aims to shed light on specific aspects of migration in order for people to have a more holistic understanding of migration and forced migration. 

The collection of the articles and the production of the video was coordinated by our Women and Children Coordinator Sarah Surget.



We asked Mathilda, Jess and Gigi who their role models were and why.

Mathilda, from @conversationsfromcalais, explains why Celine Semaan (@celinesceline) is her inspiration. You can find out more about her work at​

Jess, from  @forcetoflee,  delves into the world of her hero Marjane Satrapi (@marjane_satrapi). Her book is available at Penguin Random House amongst other places.

Gigi, from @humanrightsmigrantrights, tells us about her role model  Waad Al-Kateab (@wadalkateab)  and her movie For Sama. Join her campaign on

Let us celebrate and amplify the voices of these incredible women every day of the year.


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Rose Bewick is currently studying for a masters in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration at the University of London. She is also training to become an immigration adviser, and has previously worked on the Syrian Resettlement Programme.