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On 15 August 2021, the eyes of the world were firmly fixed on Kabul, as Taliban forces took control, shortly after Afghanistan’s President fled the country. Almost immediately, thousands of Afghans began to flee, fearing persecution and threat to their life. In the days that followed, lawyers and humanitarian workers from across the world worked tirelessly to secure the evacuation of many human rights defenders and other at-risk Afghans. These heroic efforts resulted in the safe passage of thousands. Nevertheless, the absence of a humanitarian corridor made the process extremely complex and fraught with difficulty. Further, while many were able to leave, many more were left behind. Some, unable to leave their homes. Some, unable to secure a visa. Some, unable to secure a place on a plane.


As the eyes of the world begin to turn away, this spotlight series continues the discussion, assessing the legal and policy responses to the unfolding situation, reflecting on the reactions of States and International Organizations, assessing what action still needs to be taken, and provoking thought about how we, as individuals and communities, can help. 

Over the coming weeks and months, NMM contributors will address the following topics: 

  • Initial Response: How has the International Community Reacted?

  • Displaced within Afghanistan: Protection Challenges for the Internally Displaced

  • Border Complexities: Safe and Legal Routes?

  • Resettlement and Asylum: Not an Either/Or 

  • UN Response: A Call for Further Action

  • What Can We Do to Help?

Want to Know More?

As well as the information contained in the various articles throughout the series, we have compiled a list of resources, pointing readers to further information and discussion, and highlighting the work of fantastic organisations. If you have any suggested additions to the list below, please do get in touch!

This spotlight series is jointly being coordinated by Gillian Kane and Chiara Maria Natta.




To keep the spotlight on Afghanistan, the Network will continue to monitor and share - every week - information coming from news outlets across the world. 


We found various organisations that are collecting funds to help Afghans. Find out what you can do to help out.

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