We want to unite people from all across the globe and from a range of disciplines who practice or are interested in migration issues.

We hope to create a platform where like-minded people can communicate, support each other and stand in solidarity. 


By uniting people from across the globe and a range of disciples, we want to facilitate diverse conversations and the sharing of knowledge and experience of migratory issues, namely through a human rights lens.


We promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise from a range of disciplines, such as lawyers, medical practitioners, psychologists, charity workers, social workers, artists, academics and more.


Issues of particular focus include asylum, refugees, modern slavery, sex trafficking and the practical barriers or access to justice issues facing migrants during the legal process, for example changes to legal aid funding, judicial infrastructure, or interpreting services.



By sharing expertise and experiences through an interdisciplinary and international approach, we hope that people can learn from each other in ways which perhaps they would not have been able to if a narrower approach were taken