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'They will hang me': Afghan interpreters blocked by UK seek appeal


14 October 2021

Former Afghan interpreters for British forces have told the BBC they fear for their lives after the UK blocked their evacuation on security grounds. The move has stunned the group who thought getting out was a done deal.

Greece to bolster border with Turkey over Afghanistan migration fears


10 October 2021

Greece says it will increase the number of border guards on the country’s border with Turkey, over fears of increased migration from Afghanistan.

Why India Won’t Ease the Afghan Refugee Crisis

Foreign Policy

30 September 2021

New Delhi once rolled out the welcome mat for those fleeing its neighbors. What happened?

After decades of instability, what does the future hold for Afghan migration?

World Economic Forum

27 September 2021

Twenty years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda, the country that was widely considered a haven for those behind the attacks – Afghanistan – is again without a functioning government and is facing a dual humanitarian-displacement crisis.

Ambassador in limbo makes plea for Afghans to be allowed into EU

The Guardian

26 September 2021

Former Afghan government’s ambassador in Greece was appalled by Athens’ media blitz against ‘illegal migrant flows’.

IOM Expands Humanitarian and Protection Assistance in Afghanistan, Continues Community Development Work


15 September 2021

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) continues to expand its relief operations across Afghanistan in response to mounting, complex humanitarian needs fuelled by drought and conflict while reengaging established livelihood, community development and infrastructure projects.

No Afghan refugee exodus yet but 'massive displacement' possible -U.N. refugee agency


9 September 2021

Half a million people had been displaced within Afghanistan in recent months, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said, a number which would grow if health services, schools and the economy break down.

EU, fearful of refugee crisis, delays response on Afghan asylum

Al Jazeera

14 October 2021

Migration and human rights experts call on the EU to deliver a more proactive and unified response on Afghan asylum.

Spain to evacuate more Afghan workers, families left behind

Associated Press

9 October 2021

Spain has started a new evacuation operation to extract more Afghans and their families left behind following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Spain’s Defense Ministry said Sunday that it is working with the foreign ministry on a new evacuation mission.

Greece says will not allow 'uncontrolled' migrant flows from Afghanistan


30 September 2021

Greece will not allow a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis to unfold on its borders following the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday after visiting a new migrant camp on an island near Turkey.

It's Afghans in need of protection, not the EU's borders | View


27 September 2021

The fear expressed by European politicians is neither about the alarming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan nor the fact that recent political developments have increased internal displacement...

Thousands of Afghans seeking refuge in regional countries: UNHCR

Al Jazeera

22 September 2021

UN refugee agency says at least 35,400 Afghan refugees have arrived in Iran, Pakistan and Tajikistan since January 1.

Internal displacement at mid-year: 10 situations in review


13 September 2021

The first six months of 2021 also saw more than 611,000 Afghans return to the country, surpassing the total for the same period in 2020, which itself saw record-breaking returns.

Where Will Afghan Refugees Go?

Council on Foreign Relations

8 September 2021

Even before the Taliban’s takeover, Afghanistan produced 10 percent of the world’s refugees, reflecting a sharp deterioration in the country’s security.

Afghan refugees accuse Turkey of violent illegal pushbacks

The Guardian

13 October 2021

Migrants, many fleeing the Taliban regime, claim they are being beaten, harassed and turned back by Turkish border forces

UK to resettle teenage Afghan women footballers and families


9 October 2021

Dozens of Afghan girls with promising football careers, who fled the Taliban, have been told they can come to the UK to be resettled, along with their families.

Refugee groups race to find housing for 53,000 Afghan evacuees


29 September 2021

Refugee resettlement agencies are racing to find housing for the approximately 53,000 Afghans on military bases in the United States who will eventually be resettled in the country, but the groups are facing a strained -- and expensive -- housing market.

Canada Doubles Its Afghan Refugee Resettlement Target to 40,000 People

The New York Times

26 September 2021

The official announcement was made by Canada’s foreign minister on Monday evening, speaking at the United Nations General Assembly.

US House approves $6.3bn for Afghan refugee resettlement

Al Jazeera

20 September 2021

Funding will bolster US government agencies’ Afghan refugee resettlement efforts after Kabul evacuation in August.

The evacuation of Afghan refugees is over. Now what?


9 September 2021

The dramatic scenes from Kabul Airport of desperate Afghans seeking to escape reverberated around the world. The U.S., other governments, and a hodge-podge assortment of private groups succeeded in evacuating more than 120,000 people in the space of a couple of weeks.

Focus on Afghanistan - Training offered for evaluating Afghan refugee credentials

Council of Europe

2 September 2021

With the sudden flight of thousands of Afghans, the question of how their qualifications can be assessed and recognized is now high on the agendas of recognition authorities across Europe. To meet these challenges, the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR) has developed a specified training module on qualifications from Afghanistan.