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Aims and objectives

  1. Create a platform to facilitate communication between individuals across the globe and in different disciplines.

  2. Create an Arts Programme which gives a voice to migrants and those working in the field

  3. All our mediums are checked and verified by a team of editors to ensure that information is accurate and causes no harm to any individuals or groups.




1) International and interdisciplinary conversation

We want to create an international platform which allows for greater discussion of migration matters. By taking an interdisciplinary and international approach, we hope that people can exchange ideas and learn from each other in ways which perhaps they would not have been able to if a narrower approach were taken.


2) Facilitate the advancement of human rights in the realm of migration

The primary focus of the platform is to look at migration through a human rights lens. By shining a light on these issues, hopefully this will help practitioners to address them when working in the field and perhaps over time, the information shared on the platform can be used to inform policy decisions.


We hope that by raising awareness of these issues, people who might not otherwise be engaged in this area can get involved with organisations and campaigns which advance the protection of human rights.


3) Dispel Stigma

We want to show the humans behind migration. This involves telling people’s story in an ethical way which hopefully can dispel the stigmatisation of migrants.


4) Do no harm

When telling people’s stories, we want to ensure that it does not harm the individuals involved. Please see our Ethical Storytelling Pledge for more information.


We also want to ensure that anyone in our core team or anyone who contributes blog posts, webinars or creative content are made aware of a wellbeing programme. Please see below for more information. 


5) Education

Webinars, blog posts and academic fora aimed at educating students and those who don’t have much experience in immigration law.


6) Accessibility

This platform is also premised on accessibility. We want to encourage young professionals, graduates and master’s students to showcase their research and work.



We are divided into a core team and a wider team. The core team consists of the chair, two vice chairs, coordinator of academics and head of arts.


The wider team is further divided into sub-teams including but not limited to: editors, marketing, content contribution, web-development and arts.



We aim to create a series of webinars where individuals working in migration matters can present on issues which practitioners, students and those interested in migration can learn from.


This includes hearing from lawyers, medical experts, academics, psychologists, charity workers, policy workers, grass-root organisations and large international organisations.


The matters raised in these webinars should vary as much as possible to cover an array of topics.



Blog posts

Encourage professionals at all levels and graduates to write on topics which can be published on the site.


Encourage news bulletins from individuals about observations and trends in their country (or any country that they know/have researched).


Encourage thematic subjects to be explored in blog post series, known as “Spotlight series”. The number of blog posts in each Spotlight series will vary depending on the topic and how many people are able to write on the subject. There is no “one size fits all approach”.



Arts Programme

We believe that issues surrounding migration need not be limited to being discussed in a purely academic setting. NMM Creative Arts uses creative projects to provide a voice for migrants as well as raise awareness of some of the difficult issues and circumstances experienced by these individuals.


These creative programmes also encourage involvement from those who might otherwise not get engaged in blog post writing or webinars. 


For a full list of our upcoming projects please see the attached document.



Unincorporated Association and Liability

We are a small unincorporated association.


NMM itself is not a legal personality and does not have limited liability. It is in legal terms, a collection of individuals.


NMM cannot enter into contracts, sue or be sued.


NMM cannot start a legal action, borrow money, enter into contracts in its own name or hold property.


NMM does not have legal rights of its own.


NMM consists of a core team and a stream of volunteer members making up the wider team. These make up the persons responsible for the running of NMM.


NMM’s core team and its wider team are responsible for how the organisation is run.


NMM members can also change and update the rules and facilitation of NMM with approval from the core team and those in charge of the relevant area.


Decisions made in regards to the running of NMM will be made by either the chair and the relevant coordinator/team member in charge of that particular initiative. Or by a decision of the majority of the core team.

Our Constitution

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