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At Network for Migration Matters - click here to know more about us - we aim to create spaces for connection, knowledge sharing and learning. The academic forum will provide a space to further these aims. Membership is open to students, academics, and practitioners engaged in migration-related research. Within the forum, we hope to facilitate the following activities:


on various aspects of migration-related study and research (3-4 per year)


for more junior scholars to contribute shorter pieces, in collaboration more established researchers



on various aspects of


(member-led, NMM-facilitated)


researchers will be able

to publish working papers, blogs, or other research outputs

Launching in October 2021, we invite interested students and academics to register interest in joining the forum here. The main questions you will be asked when filling out the form are:

  • Are you studying, researching or working on an aspect of migration?

  • What do you hope to gain from membership of NMM’s academic forum?

  • What might you be able to contribute to NMM’s academic forum? (we recognise that people at early stages of their academic journey may feel that, for the time being, they will not be able to contribute. This should not deter early-stage migration researchers from applying to join)


Please be assured that your contact details will be stored in a way which is compliant with NMM’s privacy policy.

Join the Academic Forum

Fill out a short form and we will keep you up to date with all the Academic Forum's activities.

Click here to sign up

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 Any questions? Please feel free to get in touch with Gillian, our Academic Coordinator by emailing

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