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What is NMM?

The Network for Migration Matters (NMM) is an organisation which brings people together from across the globe who are interested in migration matters through our blog, webinar series and links to online resources.


Our Main Activities



Listen to various professionals and academics discuss topics concerning migration.

Blog Posts

Read articles written by lawyers, PhD students, academics, experts, those in the charity sector and more!

Creative Arts

Enjoy our a multi-disciplinary platform designed to help people engage with migration matters through the arts.

Spotlight Series

Tune into our spotlight series where we publish ongoing articles regarding specific topics of interest. 

Heroes of the Month

Each month we crown a NMM Hero in recognition of their incredible work towards migrants and refugees.


Ethical Storytelling Pledge

As a Network, we want to tell stories in a way that is

honouring, dignifying, and empowering.

Inspired by Ethical Storytelling, we created our own Ethical Story Pledge that helps us to ensure that everyone in the NMM team, and all our contributors abide by our ethical principles.

We ask each NMM team member and contributor to sign our pledge.


Spotlight Series

Our Network believes that there are certain topics concerning migration and forced migration that need to be explored more deeply.


Through our spotlight series, we publish articles written by lawyers, PhD students, academics, experts, those in the charity sector and more. We then complement these sections with webinars and various other elements, such as creative arts projects and short videos.


Stay tuned as there are many more spotlight series to come.

Current Spotlight Series

Hero of the Month

June 2021

Second Tree

What is New?

Want to Contribute Content?

The NMM was built in order to hear people's voices and for that reason you can contribute to the content on this website which will then be thoroughly examined by our team.

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